Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

And I blame you.

You people are simply not being entertaining, this morning. (Three posts in two hours? What the hell is that? What are you people doing? Working?) And now I've got eight more minutes and no LJ to read. *pouts*

Seriously, I'll shut up now. Somebody rec me something clever. Any fandom. Something Aaron Sorkin would be best, though... I'm in that sort of mood. A snarky-conversation-camera-pan-through-hallways sort of mood.


EDIT: Speaking of Sorkin, did I tell you about the part where my parents missed the Studio 60 premiere, so my dad called me at work and moaned piteously, I downloaded it, and they drove over at eight o'clock at night so that they could take it home and watch it?

And then there's the part where I have pictures of my uncle re-enacting "In The Shadow of Two Gunmen", splayed-limbs-across-the-pavement and all, when they were on their trip to DC last month.

Yup. It's official. My family are dorks. ;)
Tags: fic, job, life, my people

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