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Whine, bitch, whine...

...*this* is why I stay the hell away from Yahoo Clubs. Someone on one of the boards I watch posted a story (in which the grammar was completely *ignored*, as was the spelling, and he didn't know HTML, so it came out as one long paragraph...), I think *yesterday*. And today, *this morning*, about ten hours after he'd posted it, he sent out a post bitching about how no one had feedbacked him yet:

"Should I take it as a sign that my fic sucks because no one has left any comments on the last few parts/chapters?"

Ye GODS. Get *over* yourself. It's a messageboard with... oh... all of twelve members, if that. And bitching is hardly the best way to get pity. And... spellcheck! Get it betaed! Read it *yourself* before you post to check for the glaring errors you left in, if you want positive feedback, if any at all!

Argh. Idiots. >.

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