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A brave new world of sitting.

That is, I start my new job tomorrow. Yay!

Had the last official day of my old job today, working at a different store from usual, as they lost two people since the start of August and that's not cool. Two of the three of us there today were from other stores. One more shift at the store on Saturday, then that's more or less it. Not working Sunday, as it's the Terry Fox Run.

CRAP I need to get my BIKE FIXED. o.O

But, yes. I am going to be so tired on Saturday. But it's worth it. Because NEW JOB YAY!

Wow, I'm coherent today.

Have decided I am actually going to buy a service plan for the laptop. HP sells them belated, that is after-purchase, and a "fix things that randomly break and cost two hundred dollars to fix at a shop" plan is about sixty bucks. I will buy that, and then I will buy a spare battery, and possibly a new bag, and then a graphics tablet, and then I should be techwhore-covered for at least a couple of years. Which will be weird, but cool.

I love my laptop. *pets it*

Time to feed the doggies, or so they tell me. *looks at clock* Creepy how they know *exactly* when seven-thirty hits. o.O
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