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And I almost feel bad about it...

...I lied to my Gaelic prof. Sort of.
She actually *called* me today, asked me if I was feeling all right, because I've missed a lot of classes this semester (technically they don't hunt you down unless you miss three consecutively without an excuse, but she did anyway).

I really didn't, last semester - I handed everything in, went to almost all the classes, actually paid attention and stuff. This semester I've kind of been slacking off. Which... well.. yeah, I have no excuse. I'm a lazy bum. This is why I think I need exercise, a lot of it. Until September of last year, I was doing up to ten or twelve hours of pretty heavy exercise a week, some dance, some martial arts, and just before grad I even started jogging again. When I got here, there was suddenly *no way* I could do as much, and I felt it pretty much right away, but not until November or so was it bad enough that I felt stupid for letting myself get out of shape. Now I'm getting all puffy after five flights of stairs... which is *not* okay; because it wouldn't have happened six or seven months ago. Tonight, *tonight*, damnit, I am going to *find* the track, and I'm going to follow through on my thr... *cough* ...promise to get Carolyn into the exercise groove. 'Cause once you get used to it, you don't *want* to stop. It's good.

Anyway, Parsons (the prof) called me up, and she actually sounded genuinely concerned... like my great aunt or something (which is uncanny, because she apparently is good friends with *all* my great-aunts and great-uncles and most of my relatives here know her... creepy much...), and I told her that I'd been feeling on-and-off sick the last couple of weeks (which isn't *technically* untrue, because I *have* been feeling icky recently - possibly, probably because of the bloody weather; I'm just not used to such horrible winters). She told me to come in and try the quiz anyway, and that if I felt my mark could be better that I could re-do it. It almost made me feel bad for semi-fibbing to her... and it makes it a whole lot harder to view her as the unmitigated evil that she is. ;)

Ah, well. That's something, anyway. I've still got a huge chunk of homework to do before I can go to class... o.O

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