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I just want a job where I don't ask "are you finding everything okay?" and touching people's feet.

Well, I'm back.

Thanks for all the luck, you lazy bums. :P

Okay, no, it's been like, what? An hour? I forgive you. *sunny smile*

Actually, it went fairly well, I think. Kicked ass on the typing and customer service, did okay on Word (as do all standardized tests, it asked many, many questions relating to things that actual human beings would *never* do in the real world), may have bombed data entry. Which is both sad and irritating, because I did spend like four years doing essentially that working for Dad (and doing *all* of it, because he could never be arsed to bother with anything so pedantic as, say, keeping track of where the customers lived), and I do it right now at the shoe store, except at the store the system up-corrects when you enter data, turning "Aug 23" into "08-23-2006" and "v6j4l4" into "V6J 4L4" (not an actual postal code) and "smith" into "Smith" and things like that, and methinks I've gotten sloppy.

Also, by the time I'd gotten to the data entry part I'd calmed down, and usually when I'm entering names and addresses at work I'm getting glared at and yelled at and bitched at by irate customers, as we usually do it during returns, and apparently I work faster when stressed. Yeah, like we didn't all know that already.

She said she'd probably call me by the end of the day (The Employee Relations lady was very nice - and as an additional bonus the dress code seems more or less to be the same as where I work now, so I wouldn't *have* to buy all new stuff - I would anyway, though, of course, because I *could*. ;)

And I should stop jinxing it and go away and change back into PJs and eat ice cream and watch TV, now, as I *should* do on my day off.

And check on my laptop. *bounces*

(I really hope she calls me. *smaller bounce*)

EDIT: *checks Future Shop"

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