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Randomly, I'm finally caught up on Sluggy.

Bringing me up to four webcomics daily. More! I need more!

Other good news: MGM doesn't want to end SG1, so they may be looking into finding new distributors/funding for another season/a miniseries so they can finish the plot. Now that's just awesome. You rock, MGM. You suck, Bonnie Hammer. Wrestling, indeed. *blech* And we can't even get Sci-Fi up here.

I should have an appointment for the interview at Douglas by the time I get home tomorrow. Time to brush up on Word, yee. :)

Also, I now have *two* of my co-workers obsessively reading CvsE. Which makes me deliriously happy. Because it is mean. But nice, for me. *beams* (Anybody else want to read it? Anybody? Come on, you know you want to. If you like urban fantasy and weird-ass characters, you should like this. Unless I suck. But then you can *tell* me! And protect the world from my madness.)

One week 'til laptop. Time to start thinking about names.

And finally, I'm still a little confused. How many planets do we have now? o.O
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