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Good things, bad things.

I bought a laptop today. ^.^

It should be here by September 1st.

The temp pool lady at Douglas finally called me - I have to call her back with my days off next week, and then I go in for testing, and then I may have a new job. Yee!

Took my sister to get her books today. Choosing to believe she'll actually *go* to school and keep going. That would be nice.

SG1 has been cancelled. Again. Boo. But we have ginormous fic idea, so all is not lost.

I gave co-worker-who-also-reads-sci-fi-and-fantasy a copy of CvsE to read. She's going to Vermont this week and should have time to go through most of it. And then bring it back, covered in post-its. After which I should be able to actually, finally continue writing it. Yay!

I have to go to work tomorrow. Boo. :P

It evens out. More or less.
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