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Snakes On A Plane.

THANK YOU, INTERNET. What would Hollywood do without you?

It was AWESOME. Thoroughly enjoyable. Samuel L. Jackson kicks much ophidian ass, and also ass in general. Yee. :)

Also, during discussion it has occurred to us that in the Star Trek universe, Gagh is like sushi. Some people genuinely do enjoy it, but it's also something you're expected to like and understand if you're worldly and clever, and something giant posers pretend to enjoy in order to impress girls and their superiors. I can't believe I never made that connection before. ;)

People were yelling and cheering at the screen. One guy stood up in front and said we should do a shot every time anyone said "snakes." Gods I love premieres.

Sleepy. Satisfied. Best ass-kicking awful movie I've ever seen. Music video. Heh. ^.^

EDIT: Because I forgot to do it earlier, I felt I should share the conversation I had with my co-workers this afternoon.

Me: Guess where I'm going tonight.
M: A movie?
Me: Yes! Know which movie?
D: What movie?
Me: Snakes on a Plane! It will be terrible. It'll be GLORIOUS.
M: Snakes on a Plane?
Me: Snakes on a Plane.
D: Snakes?
Me: On a plane.
M: Snakes.
D: On a plane?
Me: Snakes.
M and D together: ON A PLANE!

And then we started scaring the customers.

EDIT OF EDIT: Two words: Mi-Jung Lee. Yay, Vancouver.
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