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I bought cat treats last night.

Why, you ask?

As we were heading out to the grocery store last night, the former-manager (who isn't the manager any more, but does administratey things, asked "do you know anybody who wants a kitten?" To which calantha42 immediately replied "I'll take it!" As she's been planning on a kitten for a while, now.

Turns out that some guy ran out on the rent, his apartment, and Kitty. The kitty whose sex we're uncertain about, but who looks a bit like Spot. Which of course clears up nothing.

We spent a good fifteen minutes last night trying to entice Kitty to let us touch Kitty (which I figure is a gender-neutral pronoun), and got really, really close before Kitty got spooked and ran off to hide under a car. So I bought treats, but by the time we got back Kitty had vanished for the night.

So, yeah. We might possibly at some point soon have a kitty. Kitty is going to have to suffer some mild trauma in becoming a housecat, as it's going to have to be sudden, and involve a bath, like, right away. And then unpleasant visits to places where the v-e-t will do uncomfortable things to Kitty. But for Kitty's own good.

We'll have to go back out today and see if we can further entice Kitty with food-bribery. Updates as they happen.
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