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Dexcon pictures.

All of these are friendslocked, obviously, and so, well, behave accordingly, I guess. I made this a public post, but if you weren't there and/or I don't know your LJ name, you're not filtered to see it. Speak up if this is the case, and we'll see what we can do.

There are 129 pictures, arranged more or less chronologically, and attached to this gallery there are also two of eleven videos I took. (Have I mentioned that I love my camera so, so much?) I couldn't get the others to upload to LJ, my server has inadequate space, and YouTube makes resolution crap, I think. Any other thoughts (Nothing from those of you who were captured dancing, which is most of the good stuff - examples include: dexfarkin doing "Go White Boy, Go White Boy, Go!", philf dancing to a Spice Girls song, and nute dancing to... well, dancing.)

Anyway. Suggestions? Altogether they're about 400mb, and I've got nowhere to put them.

In other news, the lady at the college hasn't e-mailed me yet. WHY HASN'T SHE E-MAILED ME? :(
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