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On the TV series kiss of death.

Yeah, we're both pretty sure we killed Wonderfalls just by liking it. (We're very sorry.)

calantha42 and I just spent the better part of an hour discussing the finer details of character torture in my theoretical Shirley Holmes/Veronica Mars crossover. At the moment these possibly include: Bo Carries A Gun Shirley Doesn't Know About, Shirley Becomes An Insomniac As An Analogue To All The Cocaine, Wallace Shoots Someone, Logan Gets Tossed In Molly's Path As Ass-Bait, and Keith and Mr. Holmes Get Slightly Drunk Discussing Their Crazy Daughters.

At the moment, it's all fairly vague except that there is angst. Obviously. And that Shirley was a much more interesting character when her mother was MIA.

And that we really need to watch the series again, if we can ever get our hands on it.

And that we are big huge geeks. ;)

(Also, I really need a crossover icon.)

On that note, does anybody out there in LJ-land (other than calantha42, of course) even remember this show?
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