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I'm not on meth. I'm just determined.

Haven't seen any ants for a few hours, except the three or four driven out into the harsh light of day by the cleaning of the bathroom. Which has heaped yet more evidence onto the growing pile that proves that Mr. Evicted-From-This-Apartment is too repulsive to live.

BEFORE (this actually looks like there's sand between the tiles):



This is actually as clean as it will come. But it's clean, damnit!

Seriously. People are disgusting.

The ants, BTW, are swarming the whole city. They're *everywhere*. It's like a plague. A plague of clumsy winged ants. EW.

Oh, my. Look at the time. I am up *much* too late. And I'm all sticky from the weather and the cleaning. We're back in that season where I'm taking cold showers for disappointingly uninteresting reasons. :(

(I hate summer.)

EDIT: The whole house smells of bleach and vinegar (fortunately neither of which are mixing in adequate amounts to kill us as we sleep). The living room smells of chips, and the bathroom of bleach (which makes sense, as the tile grouting is now steeped in it, and will, gods willing, remain steeped in it). This all culminated in psychological triggers calling up associations with swimming pools, specifically the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, gigantic ceiling-Smarties, and artificial waterfalls. After I got out of my shower I felt, emotionally, *exactly* the way I do after a good, exhausting swim. Which is a rather nice note on which to go to sleep, as mostly I pass out afterward. Speaking of which... *yawn* I should go swimming soon. It's been years. *repeat yawn*
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