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I'm getting that greenhouse feeling...

...y'know, when you walk into one and are hit with a wall of humidity?

In my head it's most like the last time I was at the Montreal Biodome. *whap*, instant sauna. Weird thing is, it's not even that unbearably hot. Just... uck. Moist.

Stupid rainforest. *makes face*

Have sprayed all possible entry points with a mix of salt and vinegar, as they seemed to be growing bolder despite the bleach. House now smells of chips, but I can live with that, as we haven't seen an ant in hours. Will spray again before bed, and again in the morning. Called building manager again. Still nothing. Also, thorough cleaning of bathroom and kitchen tonight, with scrub-brushes and, you guessed it, more bleach. Yuck.

I hate summer.

Dexcon in one week. Still need shoes for formal dress. Ack. Will have to go tomorrow.

Oh, damnit, INVENTORY tomorrow. Ugh.
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