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It's almost like they know.

Having learned all sorts of skin-crawlingly accurate things about ants in the past half-hour, I can now say with some certainty that the big scary things are most likely Thief Ants, and the smaller ones Pharaoh Ants. They're both currently in their mating swarm season, which is why we suddenly had Ant Explosion Central in our bathroom. The Internets say that there's probably rotting wood behind the moulding (thanks, Guy-Before-Us), and that's why they're there - as it's easier to hollow out and build nests. It also says, as the manager said, that baits are the best way to get rid of them.

Loathe though I am to use insecticide. Ever. It's just... ew. Not fair, guys.

The manager's going to look them up, and the exterminator-guy who's here once a month is supposed to be here in a week or so - with any luck our invaders will stay gone until the day he comes, as then we'll have some samples to show him. I got rid of the ones on the counter, as they were icking me out. Not for being bugs, but for being dead and on my bathroom counter. Gyagh. *shudder*

And now, although we haven't seen them anywhere else, I keep going all skin-crawly in other rooms. And outside. And at work.

I want to find the fucker who preceded us in this apartment and dump a bucket of ants on *his* head, and see how he likes it. >.
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