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EwewewewewEW I want to track the bastard down.

I don't know what they are, but for a couple of weeks now we've been seeing these... there are two variants. There are itty-bitty ants-with-wings, and there are Fucking Huge ants-with-wings. I don't think they're actually ants. I *do* think they're the same bug. I'm now *sure* they're the same bug because I found the source, and they were both hanging (crawling) about with every evidence of friendly society.

The guy who lived here before us was evicted. WHY is blindingly obvious for many reasons - he destroyed the kitchen (presumably by flooding) and it's been fixed but none of the cupboards close right. The bathroom cupboards and walls are similarly warped. It's a lot of bits and pieces. The place wasn't cleaned at all before we moved in, and scrub though I did, we haven't gotten 'round to a full-scale filth purge yet.

Well, this morning I was in the bathroom, and I looked up, and saw a few dozen of the tiny-ants-with-wings and the Fucking Huge ants-with-wings crawling around the top moulding of the wall by the mirror. No, wait, they were crawling in and out from under the top moulding. FUCK. FUCKFUCKFUCK. (Not swarming, sort of leisurely wandering-about, but I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO as we're the ones who pay rent, and until they start they do *not* get to wander-about anywhere inside this apartment without our permission.)

So of course I ran for the bleach. And a spray bottle. And throwing all ecological sentiment to the wind, I bleached the FUCK out of that moulding. And the walls. And the floors. Good news: they don't like bleach.

Haven't seen any since, but the others may have fled deeper into the moulding. I don't *think* (I don't *hope*) they actually inhabit the wall, or the cupboard behind it, because ewewEW our towels are in there. I think it's just the moulding. I hope that when the manager comes and pulls it out, lots of bugs and a nice solid bit of wall will be revealed. I hope they're just living in there because the warped wood moulding made an easy crevice for them to live in. Otherwise I'm going to feel compelled to purify with fire, and I don't think the manager will like that.

calantha42 has called the manager, who isn't home, but with luck he'll have called back when I'm home, or better yet, come in and fixed it. 'Cause, EW.

And now I have to go to work. EW.
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