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There really are only a hundred actors.

I watched the Atlantis premiere with calantha42 last night, and there was this one guy who seemed annoyingly, maddeningly familiar. I was pretty sure I only recognized his voice, and that he had been somebody in a cartoon, but I couldn't track him down mentally.

Turns out that Captain Dave Kleinman is played by Kirby Morrow, who has, indeed, been a voice in just about every cartoon ever made in Canada, as well as half the anime dubs, including Class of the Titans, Inuyasha, Transformers, Kong, Ninja Turtles, and Escaflowne, where he played Van Flenel.

It's still weird. ;)

And calantha42 will be delighted to learn that David Hewlett once played the geeky coroner on Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. I was.
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