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The 100-mile diet

So I've been reading about this 100-mile diet thing for a few months now, and had sort of thrown up my hands in regards to it because although, living in the Lower Mainland as I do, I have local access to just about everything I eat year-round, but the one thing I couldn't work out was sugar. Sugar comes from sugar cane, which is grown in South America, which is certainly outside the purview of the rules. Where do I get sugar? I'm not about to give up sugar.

Then today, I got the David Suzuki newsletter (which appears periodically), and I decided to go looking again. Know what I discovered?

Rogers Sugar is made from sugar beets.

Which of course might not mean very much to any of you. But Rogers Sugar is a Vancouver company which makes, duh, sugar. But as it turns out, virtually all their sugar products, and certainly their regular white granulated sugar, is made from sugar *beets* as opposed to sugar *cane,* is grown in southern Alberta, and is processed in Vancouver.

Of course Taber AB isn't within a hundred miles but it's a hell of a lot closer than South America. So I'm cheating and calling it even.

I'm going to have to start shopping a bit more carefully.

Pirates comes out Friday. Pirates actually comes out tomorrow, but mik100 and calantha42 apparently think they need *sleep,* so we're going to an evening show instead of a midnight show tonight. Which is all right, as I'm getting up the next morning to work at the exact same time either night, so it makes very little difference. I just hope they do something properly big at the Coquitlam premiere and don't ignore it entirely in favour of Metrotown. Wouldn't want to get dressed up for nothing - though I'm not dressing up *much.* But I am wearing a pirate medallion, and I am carrying a plastic sword, and I'm going to the dollar store tomorrow to go looking for a three-cornered-hat-and-eyepatch-playset of some kind. Otherwise I'll just be geeky and say "arrrrr" a lot, but it will still be fun.

Have to go on a Serious Mission next week. Sort of not looking forward to it, sort of existing in grim anticipation. But now I should eat something and stop thinking about it, no matter how many times the phone rings.
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