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One more down.

- Tickets - CHECK
- Travel Insurance - CHECK
- Accommodations - CHECK
- Dress For Formal - Goddamn, *still* nothing. Going to have to get serious and actually check *all* the stores, aren't I? Gods, the mere *thought* of shopping exhausts me. :(
- Get Laptop Fixed - Have heard *nothing* yet from Seth Green-guy. Grrrrgh. Going to *try* going down there on Monday, depending on their hours, as it's a stat, otherwise Tuesday, I guess, when they should be open 'til seven. These guys may be awesome insofar as the actual fixing-of-things goes, but they completely SUCK when it comes to answering phone calls, e-mails, or generally running themselves as a business. It's been a *month* since I was down there, for crying out loud! This is even more annoying now that I can actually *afford* to pay to get it fixed. ARGH.
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