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Happy Birthday, Canada.

Now do me a huge favour and keep the crazy shoe people out of our store today. They should really be out getting patriotically drunk and singing the national anthem, but there are always a few dozen nutjobs who chose to celebrate statutory holidays by going out and buying things they don't really need. In obscene quantities. Like Boxing Day. And New Year's Day. And Easter. I don't get it. Grocery stores being insane, I get. But shoes? Shoes are how you people celebrate? o.O

I realized the other day why I loved Batman Begins so much. It's because in my head, Christian Bale will always be Jack Kelly, and he will always be desperately in love with David, pretending to be in love with David's sister for political reasons. And singing. Singing and dancing. With two hundred other boys.

Ah, Newsies. There should be more musicals these days. I miss musicals. ^.^

SOME SERIOUSLY WEIRD SHIT EDIT: I had this dream where unusually large and bipedal cats were trying to convince me to sign the apartment over to them and take a job sorting their mail (as the giant bipedal cats were, of course, starting a public relations firm). Swear to god. Then I woke up and found that the weird tuna smell pervading my dream had been the roommate making and then leaving tuna-related items on the kitchen counter. Gods, tuna's got a strong smell. o.O
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