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Unnecessary purchases of the day:

Two tunic-length t-shirts with pretty prints, from Fairweather. Four shirts of varying styles, one a potential Serenity costume-piece, from Hangers. Pair of shorts, also from Hangers. Um... bras. 'Cause they were pretty, and on sale. And...

...ooh. Semi-necessary purchase: nice big zippy-pockety tote bag, slightly larger than my wheelie suitcase which is threatening a tear down the side, for thirteen dollars. Yay, Bentley!

From the dollar store, a Chinese-decorated parasol. Fuschia. Because I needed another piece for my Kaylee costume. Unless I go as River. To this, in case you didn't already know.

And some food.

Andandand! I paid for all of it myself. With *my* money. ^.^

Also picked up my HBC-points "purchases" today. Two new frying pans, a stick-vaccuum, and a blender. Yay, I finally have a blender! I feel old. :P

Seem to have everything for Dexcon, also, except the plane ticket and my dress. Er. There's still time...?
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