Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

New baby's here.

Named Podkayne, Poddy for short.

Only real setback so far: TV Tuner card has finally met an OS it doesn't like, and Windows Resources is being remarkably evasive about WHICH BLOODY CARDS ARE COMPATIBLE. Have located a few for under forty dollars, but none of them will tell me whether, although they are designed for XP, they are also functional with XP Media Center, which is what I've got.

Actually, TV card runs, just not with the funky-awesome-cool TIVO-like setup this OS has got going. AND what with Bugger having onboard video and audio, it did not occur to me that I might actually have to connect the Tuner to the soundcard, and sent home my only stereo connector with my mother after she brought Poddy home. I've got the speakers (new speakers!) hooked directly into the card for now, but this strikes me as a bad permanent solution.

So anyway, yes. Need a new TV card. Would just go over to Future Shop or something and ask, but have feeling they'll be full of shit to get me to spend even *more* money/totally incompetent and unable to *spell* TV Tuner. So. Will e-mail nice Windows support people and see if they answer in human-time. Otherwise will start pestering TigerDirect, whose techies actually seem more or less competent, and find out whether the one I found will work. Unless any of you happen to know?

Other than that, she's lovely. Firewire, dual-layer DVD-RW, seven USB ports, insane numbers of flashcard ports, and more HDD space than I'll ever know what to do with. And so FAST. *boggles*

Pretty baby. *pets it*

And now I must sleep. Manager went and changed the schedule while I was off graduating, and now I work Wednesday but have Thursday off. *eyeroll* He called this morning and left a message asking me to come in for a couple of hours, as co-worker called in sick, but I screened, listened, then decided I wasn't that good an employee. Take away my two-days-together and then... *muttergrumble*

No, really, there are only five of us. There aren't many people he could have called. But, still. Oops, let my battery die. My bad. *innocent face*
Tags: job, techwhore

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