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(cross-posting from Rant and Rave, Re: Teenagers are Stupid)

Ah hah. You just all had to *know* I'd reply to this... ;)
Now; looking at this from a almost-not-anymore teenager point of view... well. I suppose I'm not objective, exactly, given that I was a "geek" *bows proudly* and a large portion of my graduating class was, in my opinion, simpering, shallow toads. Just an opinion. :P

But I'm afraid I'd have to agree that a large portion (namely, like my grad class) of teenagers *are* stupid. It's not their fault, at least not entirely. The ones who are stupid thanks to hormones and things I pity - but the ones *with* brains who would prefer to be stupid just because they have friends who are, and who don't think it's "cool" to be smart, to behave maturely and responsibly and not act like a total ass 98% of the time... well... those are the ones I went through high school despising. One of my favorite sayings is "The greatest sin of all is stupidity you know about. The second worst is pretending you have no idea." I hate - hate, hate *hate* - people who have brains but act constantly brainless just to satisfy convention. It's an awful waste that makes me sick.

Like my younger sister - don't get me wrong: I have *two* younger sisters, and the youngest one is a Subrealizen, has a higher IQ than me, writes, reads more than she eats and is an overall likeable, personable, brilliant little person. But the older one (the middle child, but don't let that throw you...) is frighteningly like the people who, when I was in elementary school, blocked hallways for the express purpose of jeering and chanting usually-empty threats of violence at those passers-by of lower social standing than them. You know - the eat-or-be-eaten crowd. Those people always, to be honest, worried me. My sis' isn't really one of the dangerous ones, but she's fourteen years old, popular, and she's cute, and she fully believes that she's "cool" and that will sustain her throughout life. She actually told me the other day that she wants to be an aerobics instructor. *shudder*

*That* is the stupidity of teenagers that really bothers me. They're not all generally stupid, of course - most of the teens in our family were essentially mature people... at least two out of three. That's probably, though, because our parents treated us like adults from the time we could understand them. I guess that might be an isolated situation.

Yes; teens are stupid. A large chunk of them. And yes; it *is* embarassing. But I don't think it's a natural state. Being mouthy and stupid is apparently "cool". Never got that, myself, but never ascribed much to the mainstream, either. :) So all the idiocy demonstrated by a majority of the age group is an act of will.

I don't know if that's better, or worse... o.O

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