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You know those UPS commercials that show the progress of a package from sender to recipient, with rapid, exciting music and slapdash cuts, and then go on to claim that UPS's tracking system is the best of the best, and that you can watch every stage of your package's journey right up until the moment it appears on your doorstep?


I know this because I've been sitting on the UPS site since yesterday evening, refreshing, and refreshing, and closing a window and opening a new one and going to the UPS site and entering the tracking number and refreshing, and do you know what I've discovered? That like Canada Post, UPS has a delay in showing the package progress scans, except UPS has an even LONGER delay, along the lines of an entire day's progress not showing until five or six in the evening. Yesterday my computer was sent out for delivery and then just not loaded on the truck. Today has shown no scans of any kind, at least nothing posted to the site, and nothing indicating that it's *moving* anywhere, despite the fact that they've been open and sending deliveries since at least seven this morning.

I WANT MY COMPUTER, DAMNIT. *hops up and down*

Yes, ignore me. I'm just impatient. I'm not going to call and bitch at anyone, or anything.

Unless it doesn't show up today. Then I go insane and start telephoning people.

Annacis Island. Seriously. It could have been here and back and here again, by now. >.
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