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Argh... focus, focus, FOCUS, damnit...

Nope, ain't gonna, can't make me... I will NOT write Guardian stories now, I don't CARE how many ideas just came rushing unbidden into my head, I will NOT write them, because I have a midterm to study for, and I haven't even *looked* at the notes/text all semester, and the midterm's tomorrow, and I need to *study*, damnit...
...I also *don't* care that I just figured out how to rewrite the *entire* first book so it's not crap anymore, you can wait 'til tomorrow, *after* the exam, you *bloody* well can...
...and anyway, Keltie will *kill* me if I start working on something else *instead* of C vs. E and leave her hanging for another month, and...

Damnit, Tris, don't make me duct-tape either your mouth or my fingers *again*... I'll do it, you know... >.

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