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So I'm going to buy a new computer. In the next six months or so I *will* be able to amassed a couple thousand or so "extra" dollars, but I've run into indecision.

My desktop *really* needs replacing. I got it in early 2001, at a reduced price because it had been on the shelf a year, which means it's actually six years old. It's had every single part replaced except for the DVD-ROM and the motherboard, the latter of which would cost more to replace than a whole new system.

I also have a laptop, which is a rather nice laptop, despite being a few years old - except the screen, which had an unfortunate tendency to randomly die, has now taken on the even more unfortunate tendency to just not work at all. What's broken is the inverter, the thing that makes the screen able to light up, and having checked, I have determined that to fix this with a new part will cost 300-400 dollars. It will cost at least a hundred or so for a scrounged part, and that's only if the nice Seth Green-looking guy at the computer store can track one down for me. As this laptop was free, a hand-me-down from my Dad, I am understandably loathe to drop four hundred bucks on fixing it.

Now, I can probably track down an about-$500 laptop through various family/techwhore friends connections. Unless I actually buy a Mac laptop. Which as time passes I'm more and more tempted to do. But I'm actually quite *fond* of Galah (the laptop), so I'm almost equally loathe to do this. Also, laptops are no good for video editing or most graphics, at least not for me, which are the primary reasons I need a new desktop, as Bugger has reached the point of Too Slow To Even Be Insulted By Calling Rocks.

Opinions? Suggestions?
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