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Well, that was disappointing.

On the other hand, we now know a surefire way of getting home from midnight premieres.

I don't want to spoil anything, so.

First off, I have totally come around to Kelsey Grammar as Beast. "Oh my stars and garters!" *GLEE*

And Warren. Though I wanted him to be grouchier and with Scott, also.

Which brings me to: Scott. Dead. Probably. Fifteen minutes in. This was... I can only say "limply" handled.

Jean and Wolverine as the centrepieces. Blah and also Um, No. Neither of you is interesting to me without Scott present.

Xavier dying I could have handled. But not half an hour into the movie. And not so... fluttery a death. How utterly unworthy of both Patrick Stewart and Charles Xavier. Although I liked Magneto defending Charles' memory. Even if Sir Ian's "death" scene just bored me.

Halle-Berry-inna-bad-wig speaking at the funeral. Every time I hear that woman's name I hate her a little bit more. They couldn't have let Bobby do it? or Colossus? Or Kitty? Or anyone else?

Also, the total failure to take advantage of the rather clumsily murdered Professor Xavier. Everyone who had a demonstrated personal connection with him was either ignored, dead, or become a boring Jean on a murderous unthinking rampage by the time the supposed climax came around.

(Sidenote: Yay, Kitty! :D)

"I'm the only one who can stop her." Excuse me? I don't like Scott Summers, I admit, I never have. I'd want the slap the idiot five minutes into a conversation. However. Scott Summers is Cyclops. Scott Summers is the leader of the X-Men. And Scott Summers is the only one who can stop her, and he's supposed to do it on the Moon.

*ahem* Never mind. Moving on. ;)

I thought the government was portrayed as *way* too tame and reasonable. Given the tension and we're-close-to-riots-and-genocide atmosphere of the first two movies, not to mention the use of actual Nazis, I really expected more and wider and more dramatic social exposition in this one. Magneto even *mentions* the concentration camps. And then the plotline just... vanishes. The President actually throws up his hands right before the climax and steps helplessly aside. Ideological struggle between normality and the unique, mundanity and the fear of the unknown, and terror of progress?

Nah. This is just a bunch of freaks fighting amongst themselves.

(Second sidenote: Bobby. Was. So. Cool. Especially fully-iced-up-Bobby calmly defeating an emotionally immature Pyro. 'Cause childlike though Bobby *is,* he's better than Pyro, and he knows it, but only to the point that he needs to know it.)

I want the Mutant Registry. I want kidnapped Jubilee. I want my rampaging Sentinels protecting humans from themselves, damnit.

Well. We got *one* Sentinel. Or at least part of one. ;)

The very last frame? Okay, I'll give them that, that was awesome. But, I mean, seriously, what's left for us to expect? They trashed potentially good imagined future plotlines, and pointed at totally dead-ended ones. They left no real supporting figures for the surviving students - I mean, come *on*. Halle Berry and Wolverine? Does this seem like the strong core of a new superhero team? (Although okay, I kept thinking of Ororo/Logan and Alterverse versions of them in which she might not piss me off.) They fixed the unfixable and left big things hanging, and they had no apparent concept of narrative causality or story structure. There were so many climaxes in this movie that I just stopped listening to the score, because I decided it was misleading.

And Rogue, honey? You just eliminated your last interesting character trait.

Anyway. Judgement: weak. Not even outrageously bad. Just... weak. And disappointing. What a sad end to an otherwise (mostly) engaging trilogy. Except for Halle Berry.

When *I* make comic book adaptations, I'm going to use *everything*. ;)

EDIT: I MISSED THE COOL POST-CREDITS THING. The one time I don't stay. o.O I should just learn my lesson and always stay. *angst*
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