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Why I'm a big huge geek.

Reason #738: There were people talking behind us in Da Vinci Code, which we saw tonight because it was Tuesday and therefore cheap night and at the cheap theatre, and so we went tonight rather than watching House, so nobody say anything 'til I've downloaded it. I'm avoiding the cuts, and all. Anyway. People. Talking. Loud-laughing people (which I was also doing, mostly because of the extremely in in-jokes Sir Ian kept making with facial expressions alone). Normally I'd have turned around and said something pissy. I was going to, until I realised that all the talking was one of them pointing out historical inaccuracies to the other one.

And then I couldn't quite bring myself to be bitchy. ;)

Anyway, rather liked it. Couldn't think of anything incredibly major left out. I like to think this is a sign for directors growing more faithful to original works in the future, but as it was Da Vinci Code it was probably not the best example. Ah, well. Still entertaining.

Also, while walking home from the theatre, and discussing how organised religion is really just a more seriously-taken fandom, we stopped abruptly and realised that the house we were passing - which we passed last night without noticing - is a fucking creepy curtainless abandoned empty and dark inside like the depths of hell haunted house. And then we walked away. Really fast. Sort of dashed. But not ran. Because we are not actually twelve, except mentally. Heh.

Ikea for breakfast. Not getting paid 'til Thursday, or Wednesday midnight. Have tickets for midnight showing of X3. Veryvery excited. [/biggeek]
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