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Six letters, and a few other things.

First off, the six letters.


OMG. ^.^

Onward. I have Veronica Mars season two! Joy. Can't watch it 'til calantha42 wakes up, though, as that would be mean.

Which brings me to: I thought I was working the opening shift today, but in fact I don't work until 1pm. Which gives me Good: I have a whole morning to do other stuff, like watch Veronica Mars, and Bad: I told my sister I was off at 5:30pm and to pick me up at 6pm and now that's a filthy lie. Hopefully she gets/checks her email before then. o.O

Did I mention that for some reason I've been writing Subreality fic again? Wait, no, I know *why*. It's still weird.

Once again, I nag all of you who haven't to register for Dexcon. Adorable animals are at stake. lisew has said so. And she'll do it, too. Take my word for it. *sage nod*

Er... what else...?

Yeah, I can't remember. I *am* feeling at ends and sort of useless recently, not producing any writing, not doing anything with friends who don't actually live with me, going crazy wondering why *one* of my friends I've known almost ten years now has randomly started pretending I don't exist, being very tired of shoes, etc., but that's neither here nor there.

I really wish calantha42 would wake up. The Veronica Mars DVDs are sitting here on my desk and taunting me in tiny plastic voices. o.O
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