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Veronica Mars 1x06: Return of the Kane

So, I officially can't believe I waited this long to watch this show. It took three episodes and we were hooked. (It only took calantha42 two episodes, actually. She started downloading before I did. ;) We only stopped watching tonight because one of us has work tomorrow and the other of us hasn't slept for two days. Watching this show has inspired some interesting plots, such as:

#1: My/our girlhood plans to become private detectives/fight crime, using the Internet/sophisticated yet easily obtainable photographic equipment/dubiously efficient cell phones/our sparkling wit.

#2: Writing a crossover between Veronica Mars and The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, a show which perhaps ten of even the Canadians reading this might even remember, but with which both of us were obsessed, those many years ago when it was still on television. Did nobody but us notice that Shirley and Veronica have virtually identical backgrounds? Y'know, except for one of them living in an upscale, stationary trailer park and the other one of them having a British Ambassador for a father. Both of them lost their mothers under mysterious circumstances, both have awesome fathers, both have clever, witty sidekicks (although Bo Sawchuck beats out Wallace any day, IMHO) and both fight crime mostly via their incredible intelligences, the careful application of sarcasm and the general willingness to potentially embarass themselves in pursuit of justice which usually results in them walking offscreen smiling condescendingly after saving the day. Also, both have wardrobes of which I have, at one point or another, been extremely jealous.

#3: Our renewed determination to acquire The Adventures of Shirley Holmes in watchable digital format, thereby facilitating #1. Have I mentioned today how much I love my new DVD player? ^.^

Anyway. Should have season two by tomorrow evening. Guess what I'm doing on Wednesday?
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