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Just little cracks, but they're starting.

In my patience, I mean. The SFU site persists in telling me only: "Application for Graduation Under Review By Faculty." Which is okay, was okay, two months ago when I applied, but now is getting to the point of Will You People Please Hurry Up, As I Am Supposed To Convocate on June Ninth, Which Is Now Barely Five Weeks Away, Damnit.

Additionally, I am not yet ferociously annoyed with my job, but the World of Shoes becomes dull. On the plus side, I am doing more than thirty-five hours on average, now, but when I look at the schedule and see myself working four eight-hour shifts in a row asking people how their shoes fit, I sigh. I suspect the ennui comes mostly from the fact that so far, all that time in the world of shoes has not allowed me to do anything fun as reward, and I fully expect it to become immediately less dull once I get paid, but at the moment, Dull.

Quick, somebody entertain me.

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