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The Family Geek

So, as a housewarming present, my mother bought me a DVD player. We were at Superstore last week, and I spotted a shiny slim silver thing at about thirty-eight bucks.

Last night, my mother showed up at my apartment with a bright green box with a plastic handle. It was a DVD player!

Better yet, my clever, beautiful, and talented mother bought us a DivX-capable one. Hoorah, we said! Now, calantha42 and I would be able to play our multitude of tasty pirated stuff on a real TV - as soon as we converted it, that is.

Imagine my delighted surprise when, out of pure idle curiosity, I popped in a CD-R copy of The Incredibles... and it played. I knew that DVD technology was getting pirate-friendly... I did not suspect that this pretty, pretty DVD player was capable of playing not only my DivX-format DVDs, but practically everything I own. I've been playing with it for half an hour, and I've yet to find anything it *can't* play. Right now it's playing my season one DS9. I'm not even going to tell calantha42 when she gets home. I'm just going to leave it playing and see if she notices. ;)

The internet-TV barrier in this house has been broken. Whee! :D

I think we should have cake.

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