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The Wonderful World of Shoes: update

I used the till today. I feel more important already. I'd probably feel a bit more important if I had a nametag yet. All I have right now is a lanyard with an empty ring on the end of it.

Awesome news: at the moment, I made more sales this week than anybody else. Yay!

More practically awesome news: I'm scheduled for 30.5 hours next week. That's *almost* enough to live on! Extra yay! (Actually, it's plenty to live on, but I've got to pay off some stuff soon or they're going to send people after me who break significant joint bones for a living.)

And if I get a couple of shifts a week at Chapters, I actually end up with *extra* money! Which is a concept now so foreign to me I'm going to have to think about it before I believe it.

Asked manager about Dexcon - no problem, he says. As long as I can get the damn tickets, looks like I'll be able to swing it. Will have to clear this with the Chapters people if I get it, of course, but judging by the interview that won't be too much of a problem. They didn't even have a problem with being my "second job."

Bad news (in a way): I have already spotted something at the store that I really, really want to buy. They're a pair of Converse knockoffs, the regular black-and-white kind, but the store brand and mid-calf-high, and they're striped on the inside and they're technically kids' but I have small feet and they're fifteen bucks and I'm pretty sure I get a discount, too. I had a pair just like them when I was little, but they were the Superstore knockoff brand, and they got stolen from the basketball court one day during PE in grade three.

Shut up, mik100. :P
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