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Addendum: (also GIP)

Found it.

Painting tomorrow. Calling-to-transfer-services tomorrow, hopefully. Monday, insurance. Tuesday, Really Long Day, aka: moving. Gods. Tired just thinking about it.

dragonfly13, if you still need storage space, pipe up now, as we'll only have the van the one day. We apparently do *have* storage space, though, so that's something.

dianahobart, seriously, this is bordering on cruel. Please exhibit some symptom of being alive. It would be really nice.

The good thing about Tuesday is that we are basically loading the van, driving down the street half a block, and unloading the van. The fact that this is also the silly thing about Tuesday has not escaped me.

Drew random girl in motion with boots today. Don't know why. Was watching Skyland (for the record, not nearly as headache-inducing as I sort of expected). This is evident in the drawing. Then I spent two hours digitally leafing through files trying to write something. This was a dismal failure.

I need to travel, or something. I think the inside of my head has dried up. :(
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