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I don't want to jinx it, but...

...I feel the need to inform the Internet that I seem to have managed to beat back a bout of potential and ill-timed strep throat, or some similar infection, through ruthless application of chewable vitamin C tablets, peppermint tea, and echinacea alone. Never mind that my body is now virtually immune to antibiotics, LOOK! Naturopathic medicine *does* work! If you use it in time. Take that, naysayers! Hah.

Now just to do something about the headaches. And the boxes, everywhere, taunting me.

calantha42, we may have a new kitchen table and chairs. Circular, one-piece laminated top, 40-inch diameter. Mum picked it up for ten bucks at the Salvation Army. Now all we need is a real couch, and we're all set. :)
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