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I am packing. I have now packed sufficiently that there are me-high stacks of boxes along the back of the couch and encroaching into the hall and the kitchen.


OMG the boxes are blocking the bathroom! And the kitchen! And the exit! Where do I put the other boxes? I'm going to die, help! o.O

(Seriously, I think the tiny compulsive tidier/arranger in my head is going to shut down my brain with ACKBOXESEVERYWHERECRAZY before I even get to move. O.O)

For some reason I think it would help if I had graph paper. Because then, with the measurements we took last night, I could sit down and map the arrangement of all the furniture in the new apartment, and I would feel as if okay, there is nothing but maddening chaos and disintegration right now, but next week I can spend a day and a half compulsively unpacking and tidying and arranging and then everything will be all right again.

Interestingly, though, I don't actually have as much stuff as I always think I've got. I mean, one load of boxes from the liquor store and I've got almost everything little and fiddly or book-like packed, barring the computer itself, the dishes (which I'll be doing, at least partly, today) and kitchen stuff, and the stuff on the AV shelves that go in the milk-crates that are currently serving as my bedside table. The packed boxes take up significantly more space than the empty boxes and the stuff, itself.
*tears out hair*

Nothing from the temp place today. Bastards. I have left you messages! Phone me! Argh! >.
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