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Keep repeating to yourself: I must not kill random strangers.

I feel the need for something like a "every time you litter, God kills a kitten" sticker collection, so I could put up little notices on bus-stop signs. Jesus Crossdressing Christ. Why do smokers think it is awesome-cool-and-perfectly-okay to just toss cigarette butts over their shoulders and walk away? It's annoying enough already, but when the wind picks up the smouldering piece of crap (the butt, not its previous owner) and tosses it into my collar, I am inspired to go on a murderous rampage that will go unmatched for decades. Well. Until the next time. If I wasn't caught. But still.


Oh, wait. "People." My mistake. *eyeroll*

Two people are not answering their phones. dragonfly13 and dianahobart, I am looking at you.

Everybody is talking about Peeps. Everybody is talking a lot about Peeps. I don't think I've ever had a Peep. o.O

(Although it does make me want s'mores. If only I had chocolate bars. But alas, I have only Mini Eggs.)
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