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False bloody sunlight...

Campus power has gone out, and our building is the only one with lights or heat. Well; we *would* have heat, or rather we *should*, but we don't. For some reason. *grumble

Walked down to the Post Office to get income tax forms (Mum said I should file a return this year, if only to get the GST credit, and hey, free money) and they didn't have the right package. And apparently, because I'm not an NS resident, I have to send away for *special* forms, or get Mum to send me the BC package because our GST is different. Which is kinda good, 'cause that means it's not HST, which is EVIL, but kinda bad, 'cause it means less money back for nothing.

And even though it's all sunny outside, it's the bad kind that just accentuates just how bloody cold it really is out there. You can walk outside wearing a duffel coat and wrapped in scarves and hats and mittens and be melting underneath all the wool from the sun, but any exposed skin (like, say, your *face*) is so cold it hurts.

It's back to rain and grey at home. It's *above* zero. Gods I want to go home. Carolyn says there's still snow here in April. In May, even. Snow, in April. SNOW, in APRIL! In MAY! Not right, I tell you, not right.

Fortunately, the power-outage *does* mean no classes 'til after one. It's a good thing, I guess... except I didn't *have* any classes 'til after one, anyway. Sigh.

And because Dycie says such nice things about me... ;) case I haven't done so already, I strongly encourage everyone to vote for her in every category in which she appears, and certainly for all the Movieverse categories, especially Annie-fic, because it is Dyce-fic and that's all the reason anyone really needs. :D

...*especially* those of us who fall under the Axis of Countries that are Actually Quite Nice but Secretly have Nasty Thoughts about America...

(I'm going to have to make a bumper sticker now...;)

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