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Damn... Mum just woke me up at ten frelling o'clock... I know I *told* her to wake me up, but... *grumblegrumble*
I didn't go to bed 'til like, four. Ack
I *know* I've got to pack. I *know* I've got to finish my duster. I *know* I told Dis' I'd take her to Fanny's to see if we can make that dress she bought for cheaper... and I *know* I've got to go to Pitt, figure out my transcript stuff, 'cause I'm starting at StFX in freaking September, and I've got ALL THIS OTHER CRAP to get done *today*, 'cause it's just gotta get done *today*.
Bloody space-time continuum... what'd I ever do to it?
And apparently, now, Nadia's missing. Frell. I wonder if her mother's forgotten to call the most obvious places before my house again... that's just like her... o.O

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