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Notice: the computer hates me.

The editing is done, and I'm now going to be incommunicado for a couple of hours (possibly several - I really need a new computer) while it renders. I'll be over there, unconscious, and ignoring the Internet altogether, unless my laptop decides to a) actually pick up next-door's wifi, and b) have a working screen for two hours together.

I shouldn't mock. I did most of the editing *on* the laptop, as it's faster. But then I finished editing, hit "export" and IT WOULD NOT RENDER. IT JUST CRASHED NINE TIMES IN A ROW WHENEVER I TOLD IT TO RENDER. Eight hours editing, and it WILL NOT RENDER. I do not understand this. Bugger has done this before. More than once, even. A few times more than once. And yet, now Bugger refuses.

So at six this morning I went looking for another quasi-legal video-editing program. Why did no one tell me that Sound Forge has a video counterpart? It's so much nicer than Premiere. Not so buggy, not so crowded, and the interface is actually something resembling intuitive. *pets it* Now I just need a real copy. *shifty eyes*)

...anyway. Yes. Going offline while the video renders. Will be reachable only by primitive voice-transmission device. Later, all.
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