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A little social experiment for those of you who take public transit. Please note, the next time you ride:

a)how many women keep their knees together while sitting, as opposed to how many men

b)how many ubiquitous iPod-esque earphone-cables you see trailing down someone's coat.

Count, post, discuss.

New thoughts on Crash - film prof showed clips to demonstrate how utterly blah it was. Happy happy happy, we're all part of the Same Big Thing, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Not even violently "ARGH", just... "meh." Well, lamer things have won best picture. (No, I'm still not going to see it. I simply don't care that much.)

On the topic of the Gay Cowboy Movie, I now bring you my new favourite commentary on this year's Oscars, via my film prof, in all his (affected, but he would know) high-pitched, limp-wristed glory (context: a lot of our lectures are digitally recorded and put online, so if you miss a lecture, you can listen to them to catch up):

"I just have to say, about Brokeback Mountain, being handed all this praise for being a groundbreaking social film, that I think it's all because it was period, and it was cowboys, and, well, look at the United States... oops. Did I say that?" *pause for snickering* "But it all boils down to:" *deep breath* "Hellloooo! Midnight Cowboy, nineteen-sixty-nine! And for those of you in the audience with a lit degree, My Beautiful Laundrette! I guess Americans these days would get excited about anything g... I just remembered that this lecture is being recorded. I'm so fired."

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