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Pay no attention to the woman demolishing the cereal aisle.

Okay, I have to say it. I've seen it nine hundred thousand times by now, and that Cheerios commercial, where the guy takes his wife's bathing suits, underwear, and generally all her clothing out of the suitcase, so that he can fit the two boxes of cereal?

You should note that they don't show the part at the resort where she feeds him to sharks, because being stranded in a tropical resort, which probably already cost you a lot of money, with none of your clothes, and generally nothing left of the pretty, peaceful image you had of your vacation, is not funny. I mean, I've never been to a tropical res... a tropical anything, actually, but I *have* had my luggage lost and stolen and I have to imagine it's similar.

This commercial? IS NOT FUNNY, GENERAL MILLS. STOP SHOWING IT. Every time I see it, it pisses me off, to the point where if I didn't already have a box of Cheerios in my cupboard, nullifying my excuse, I would want to go to the grocery store, and stick a bright pink post-it to every single box I could find reading This Company Employs People Who Think Fucking Up a Person's Week To Have Cereal Is Funny.

Not that I'm going to stop buying Cheerios, or anything. I like Cheerios. Also, it's the only healthy cereal I eat. And Weetabix, but since I cover it in sugar, it probably doesn't count. But, seriously. Somebody needs to find the guy who came up with this commercial, turn him into a woman, and then drop him in a foreign country without his luggage. Or something. Key his car. I don't know. I only know this commercial is so stupid it makes me violently irritated for ten minutes afterward and so far as commercials go I usually don't even notice them.

The point of this little rant? No, It's Actually Not Okay To Love Them This Much.


I swear, I have a sense of humour. Somewhere. But I think the stupid commercial has temporarily damaged it. Eroded it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take a gigantic Tylenol for the headache I have after watching the Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut commercial. Are commercials getting more outrageously stupid lately, or is it just me?

EDIT: Things I learned Tuesday:
POINT A - Do not draw fanart in film class. Even if you can listen while you draw, whereas you find note-taking distracting.
POINT B - If you're going to draw, do not sit in the middle of the second row. It inclines the prof to wait until break and then ask you what you're drawing, with charming and geeky enthusiasm, causing classmates to become interested in you as well. And then you'll have to tell them.
POINT C - Do not draw dubiously heterosexual Harry Potter triofic fanart in film class. This class is full of big huge media whores geeks and somebody might recognise who it is you're drawing, even if you can't get Ron's face quite right.
PURSUANT TO POINT C - When somebody asks you what you are drawing after a long conversation about how fucked-up is Harry Potter fandom, make something up.
POINT D - Start sitting in the back row.
POINT E - This was a bad week to start trying to draw HP fanart. Seriously. What were you thinking?

NON-SEQUITOR POINT F - New journal title: "Member of the verbing up the noun generation."
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