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Really just a snippet. (Gray's Anatomy)

Look at this, I'm writing fic.

Mostly for the angst.

Meredith has another feeling that morning.

The feeling hits her when she opens her eyes and realizes, gradually, that the bed is empty aside from herself, though there is a persistent lingering smell of Someone Else having been there.

::Oh, god.::

She lies staring at the tousled sheets on the other side of the bed, the side she doesn't favour, as a growing feeling of horrible foreboding, along with a few other things, rises in her belly. Being reasonably sure that it's nothing digestive, she pulls the covers over her head and closes her eyes tightly and wishes fervently for death.

Izzy comes in some time around eleven.

Meredith hears her coming - more like *feels* her coming - a minute or so in advance, long enough for her to consider her options. She will never get the window open in time, and in any case she is on the side of the house with no eaves, and the fall will kill her. On the other hand, there is a strong possibility that whatever Izzy might do to her will not end up being appreciably more fun. She won't fit under the bed, and the closet is too small. From the sound of the footsteps, Izzy is already in the corridor. There is nowhere to run.

In the end, she opts for playing dead. Izzy is unconvinced.

There is more. Although right now I don't have a title. "Shades of The Morning After" has been running around in my head for an hour, now, but I keep wanting to change it to something else. The basic premise is that The Morning After, Meredith imagines all the different reactions of everyone to What We All Know Must Have Happened, then It Was All A Dream or something similar, and she wakes up and actually Deals With It. Or not. Anyway. Along those lines.

EDIT: Watching the end of the last season of Gilmore Girls. And holy benevolent gods, did I ever underestimate the level of Evil And Manipulative in Rory's Stupid Badly-Written Hasty Exit of this episode. How random was that dissolve-into-tears? "Grandpa isn't buying it, time to turn on the waterworks."

...sorry. The whole deviant storyline really BUGGED me. It was so utterly random and seemed so obviously like they'd switched writers or gotten onto some new crack that wasn't going over well. o.O
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