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Okay, okay, I give...

...I swore to myself that I was going to hash this damned thing out with*out* asking for help, but I've run up against a wall. Sort of.

It has just ocurred to me that I should *probably* explain what the hell I'm talking about, so...

...I'm currently writing (and by "currently writing" I mean that I have been on-and-off obsessed with writing for the past several months, at least since last June or so, since I *think* that's when I started it, but I can't be sure) a what-seems-to-be-developing-into-a-novel (gods help me not another one), titled Concrete Versus Empyreal. And I... well... I'm not *exactly* stuck, but I could use some input/feedback/ideas.

I suppose what I *really* want to know is whether this story looks like it's going anywhere, or whether it seems to be petering out into nothingness. 'Cause if it's the latter, I need to know, so I can fix it. Obviously. ;) For the benefit of those interested, I shall spam some of the prologuey-thing:

"...the exiled darkness was growing, biding its time. Once something spread shallowly across the world, the dark currents collected like reeking air, pooled like sewage in places where the light of humanity's new magic could not penetrate. The creatures of the night gathered in the shadows of the cities of the new age, not destroyed, merely reduced, driven back for now, and lying in wait for anyone to cross their path who did not know well enough to watch his back."

The rest of the story, to date, has its own section on my site. Click here if you're feeling really suicidal. ;)

Please be gentle with me. I think I'm getting *way* too attached to the characters. It's really big now, and there's so many plots going on I think I'm losing some. I just spent half an hour on the phone with my dad trying to figure out where a certain timezone line ends, *just* to verify a plot point... I need help.

Maybe just sleep. I'll try that. :)

I hear the sound of snow-plows... go away, snow-plows. Break down and leave the snow where it is...

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