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Forget leaving the house, I may never have to stand up again. ;)

Yea, for though I have inclinations toward socialism and social usefulness and generally efficient grown-up things, I am currently so completely enamoured of being able to lie in bed with my laptop, watching the Swedes beat the crap out of the U.S. in hockey (*crosses fingers*) and writing Firefly fic, that I am about to engage in out-loud negotiations with myself to get up, cross the room, and make tea.

I love my laptop. ^.^

Now if I can just find somebody to replace the inverter board so the screen will stop flickering and dying at unpredictable and inconvenient moments.

I've checked around, and the best quote I've gotten was from the campus microcomputer store, for seventy-five bucks an hour labour, always assuming that the replacement part I've got is the right one. I'm loathe to spend any money to get the thing fixed, as it was free, but it's not much use if the screen doesn't keep working. *sigh*

Okay. One more midterm and a thousand pages of reading. No, really.

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