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Heard that bloody song.

Now I'm feeling extremely maudlin, and have been for hours. I don't know why I leave it on my player - it's a nice song, is the thing, and I like it, but. Maudlin.

Also sort of at ends. Have to move soon, have to get a real job soon, am going to be graduated soon and then comes the OMGNOWINEEDALIFE panicking, and Dad's starting chemo soon, and I want to be home more but at the same time I really, really don't. I want to go somewhere that's elsewhere and become mildly intoxicated with friends, which is unlike me (or at least consume vast amounts of caffiene and talk at high speeds for several hours until I'm sleepy), but I did mention the maudlin, right? 'Course, everybody's elsewhere or busy. I should be busy, but I am a deadbeat. And I have homework. And... things.


EDIT: *loves Melinda Clarke so, so much*

IMPRACTICAL EDIT: Ever want to just pack a bag, put on comfy shoes, and just take off? I'm having a moment like that. In a big way. *sigh*
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