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Generally speaking.

Not about generals, but actually about computers. Mainly, that mine is now over five years old, and due to having very few of its original parts (the DVD drive, the floppy drive, and the motherboard), is now only teetering on the brink of obsolescence rather than having already tripped over it. Poor Bugger has had replaced the graphics card, the ethernet card, the original memory, the harddrive (twice), the power source and fan, and had installed a burner with which we did not buy it, because when my parents bought it for me it had already been off the market for a year and change and was on sale, which is why I got it at all. Bugger currently has 128mb of RAM and this is... sad. Bugger requires an upgrade or replacement, and since replacement would cost a whooooole lot more, it needs memory. A lot of it. I really want a gig, although even that is sort of out-of-date, sigh. Unfortunately, two 512mb sticks of PC100 SDRAM are a little over two hundred bucks.

I really, really, really need a new job. Or a fortuitious lottery win. I would prefer the latter, obviously, at least I would until I got bored.

New shows tonight, hurrah! My life has become very small. TV, fic, and school. Makes me think too much in maudlin directions. Also I've had two eye-squinching, immune-to-painkillers, turn-off-all-the-lights-level headaches this week. This week is only three days old. Plus I ate my last piece of birthday cake yesterday. This cannot be a good omen of anything.
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