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What's on the other side of exhausted?

'Cause I think I'm there. Not physically, just intellectually. The meeting ran nearly two hours over, as we sat around talking about general geek long after half the members had gone home. So much wonderful geek. Ideas and tours and crafts and workshops and inter-club collaborations and really crappy sci-fi movies and I got interviewed for a radio show and Firefly marathon sleepovers in the Rotunda. I love my little fledgeling club. Even if it does make me go to school two hours early tomorrow.

As for the other thing... urrgh. Would a black armband be too melodramatic? I'm considering it. Even though with the current trend, the NDP will feel so stupid over the results that we'll have another government topple by summer.

Just... still. Them. In power. A little voice in my head keeps repeating "it's not too late to move to England!"


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