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SHAM VOTING DAY: VOTE ANYWAY! (Public Service Announcement)

That's right, folks. Today is save us from Harper Voting Day.

Polls are open 7am to 7pm your local time. If you aren't on the list, you can still vote by going to the polling station assigned you by Elections Canada (, and enter your postal code), with a document bearing your name, address, and signature (like a driver's license or provincial ID). If you're away at school, you vote in the riding where your school is located. If you have no proof-of-identity documents, you can still vote by taking somebody who *is* registered and swearing an oath that you are eligible. If you are a Canadian Citizen, you get to vote. Simple as that.

All of these votes still count, regardless of what silly rumours you may hear that late votes or unregistered votes don't get counted. In fact, ironically, the votes that get counted last are the early ones - and they *still* get counted. Remember - we're Canada. We count our votes by hand and we do it in one evening. Just one of the things that makes this country slightly less amusing than America awesome.

Your employer is required by law to give you three hours in which to vote, so take it! And remember: if you don't vote, and I hear you bitching Tuesday about the way things are run, I will go off on you like a fucking grenade. Political bitching in this country is a privilege, and there's a cover-charge. So get your ass out to your polling station, put an "X" in a little box, and pay it.
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