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Another day...

...and the week is over. Dad's still dopey and yet, managing to be somewhat whiny, which is a good sign (they were sitting him up to do... something, as I left, which I must also take as a good sign), and the SFUSFFC finishes out the week with more than fifty members. Probably. I haven't got the exact numbers in front of me - though gods help me, I made a spreadsheet. I even remembered how to enter sums. I think this scares me, but practically speaking, it is probably a good thing.

Speaking of skills that have little or no application in the real world, I got a callback from Elections Canada while I was at school - a lady who mispronounced my name left a number. I shall call them tomorrow morning before going out to fetch my clubs table stuff from campus - my poor dinosaurs have spent three nights in a tote bag. (Tomorrow I will post pictures of Clubs Week - including a couple of really lame ones of captainspiffy's Zombie Militia table and their live - so to speak - zombie defence demonstrations. And of my new sewing machine - oh, did I not mention that mik100's uncle gave me a sewing machine? Yes, yes he did. More on that later.) My printer looks naked without them.

Anyway. Maybe a job! A very temporary one, true, but one that pays money. Yay! And now, since I have eaten but six french fries all day, I've got macaroni and cheese to make, evil plans to formulate, and a spreadsheet to flee.

So. Tired. *flomp*
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