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Sitting still is exhausting.

Especially when prefaced with hovering at the student society table to *get* a table of our very own for twenty minutes as the guy wibbled over the signup sheet (We got the VERY LAST TABLE. It was very stressful.). Most of the sitting still involved smiling at people, and convincing them to give us money, and many other activities which I now realize are also involved in retail which is inherently stressful, upselling and all ("Pay your membership fee today and enter to win a copy of a Classic Science Fiction Novel!"). Today was less stressful than yesterday, however, in that we already had the minimum number of members needed for an official club, so we could actually be aloof instead of pretending to be. I think that the desperation scares people away. And if everybody who signed up actually shows up, and pays, we will have forty-four members (plus whoever signs up tomorrow). I was really deliriously happy when we filled our third page of sign-up forms and realized we had Forty-Two members. Heh.

Dad's out of surgery (after about a thousand years of waiting - apparently he was out an hour before I left the hospital and nobody bothered to come and tell us), the alien (which Dad has taken to calling "Mal") is evicted, and all his original parts are intact. He should even be able to eat within forty-eight hours, so I call this a win.

Ooh. I just did that, didn't I. o.O

Reading to do, and "paper" to pull out of my ass. Later, all.

EDIT: I just realised that when I woke up this morning, late, I tied my hair into a big knot at the back of my head to wash my face, without thinking, and did not notice, or fix it, all day. Uh.

Gods will I be glad when this week is over.
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